TwinCAT Vision

PC-based control specialist Beckhoff has expanded its established, highly successful TwinCAT product range to include TwinCAT Vision, an integrated Image processing solution. This addition underscores the increasing importance of image processing as a quality factor across mechanical engineering, particularly in applications like Industrie 4.0, Quality optimisation, and track-and-trace.

PC-based control offers an ideal solution here: TwinCAT Vision adds image processing to a universal control platform that incorporates PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT and HMI. This simplifies engineering significantly in that it allows camera configuration and programming tasks to be carried out in the familiar PLC environment. In addition, all control functions related to image processing can be synchronised in the runtime system precisely, in real time. Latency is eliminated, and the image processing algorithms execute in real time. This marks a major quality advance over conventional machine vision solutions. With TwinCAT Vision, machine builders can fully integrate image processing Tasks into the central control system, paving the way for more advanced machine designs that are capable of satisfying tomorrow’s marketplace demands, and offer enhanced competitiveness and Investment security.


TC3 GigE Vision Connector

TC3 GigE Vision Connector: offers the possibility to integrate GigE-Vision cameras directly into the TwinCAT architecture

TC3 Vision Base

TC3 Vision Base: provides an extensive PLC library with a large number of widely varying functions and algorithms for solving image processing tasks

TC3 Vision Matching 2D

TC3 Vision Matching 2D: finds and compares objects based on learned references, contours, feature points or other properties

TC3 Vision Code Reading

TC3 Vision Code Reading: includes functions for reading various 1D and 2D codes

TC3 Vision Metrology 2D

TC3 Vision Metrology 2D: offers various options for the detection of edges, holes and circular arcs as well as the determination of lengths, distances, diameters, angles and coordinates, all with sub-pixel accuracy

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